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February 21, 2023
Qarshi-Chamman Russ Gold (Thirty Plus)
February 21, 2023
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Qarshi-Chamman Russ (Silver)


A nutritious, anabolic supplement that strengthens digestion is Chamman Russs silver. All of the body’s tissues are rejuvenated and given a boost in strength. Chamman Russ Silver encourages attractive, intelligent, and memory-enhancing ageing. It has a broad affinity for the respiratory, excretory, urinary, digestive, and reproductive systems as well as being a tonic for the heart.


  • After 30s the absorption of nutrients from food slows down. Human body needs supplementation of essential nutrients with the aging process.
  • Chamman Russ Silver is a unique combination of fruits, herbs and minerals hats helps in slowing down process of aging, maintaining and vigour, physical endurance and general health after the age of thirty
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